Thursday, April 3, 2008

hIsToRiCaL wRiTiNg

“Razif come join us outside the court to support Maria Hertogh’ s case,” asked Hong. Razif shook his head saying that he will not waste his time supporting the case whereas he have a wife and two children waiting to be fed. Razif did not believe that Maria Hertogh’s case has nothing to do with religious rights. Displeased with Razif’s decision, Hong walked briskly away from him regretting that Razif would come to him one day.

As a chauffeur working for one of the British officials, Razif believed that they would make the right decision to give Che Aminah the custody of Maria Hertogh to her. Razif being dependent to the British government did not know that not every law that was made by them should be followed. Razif stepped out of the car to greet Mr Mackey at the front door of his abstract mansion and sent him to work. In the car, Razif asked Mr Mackey on his opinion on Maria Hertogh’s case. ”I think Maria should be given back to her real parents and she should convert to Christian because I don’t think Islam can lead her to the right path of peace,” mumbled Mr Mackey. Upon hearing his criticism on Islam, Razif face turned sour and abruptly stopped the car.

“Who are you to have the right to say about Islam like that!” exclaimed Razif in irritation. Mr Mackey was taken back by Razif’s sudden reaction. Mr Mackey protest that Christianity was the right path to lead Maria to a better life and she will find peace eventually unlike Islam, which was creating problems for Maria to go on with her life. Razif’s eyes flared up, but cooled it and brush past Mr Mackey leaving him behind without any hesitation.

“You’re home early?” asked Farida. Razif walked past his wife without uttering a single word. While he was lying down, Mr Mackey’s criticism was still playing in his mind like a chicken being let loose from its cage. After a while he doze off without anybody asking him to. Razif decided to confront Hong for help the next morning. “Hong, I’m sorry about the other day incident I was wrong you were right, that’s why I came here today to join your team to start the riot.” said Razif. “Where do you hear that we’re going to start a riot?” asked Hong. Razif explained that he overheard Hong when he was walking home that day. Hong with open arms invited Razif into the team. Razif did this without thinking of the consequences of what will happen to him. Razif told Hong that he has a plan to blow up Mr Mackey’s car due to the criticism that he said about Islam. They agreed to the plan.

Farida did not know that Razif had quit his job to join the riot, albeit her instinct told her that something was not right. When Razif got home, Farida asked him about Mr Mackey’s well being. Razif hesitated for a while and said that he was fine and walked away with a heavy heart that he was not telling the truth. The day that he was waiting for arrived, Razif and Hong got ready their things to blow up the car. That day Razif went out of the house without even eating his breakfast as usual. Farida knew that something fishy was going on behind her back. Razif and Hong went to Mr Mackey’s house and Razif crept beside the car to insert the bomb, while he was inserting it, Razif heard ticking sound coming from the bomb. Razif knew that this was not supposed to happen before the bomb was inserted, Razif tried to run away but within seconds the bomb exploded and Razif died.

Hong was appalled by the explosion and quickly ran to Jalan Pisang where Razif lived and told his wife what happen. Farida was devastated and broke down to tears. If she knew what was going to happen, she would not have let Razif out of the house. During the cremation of Razif, Mr Mackey came to tell Farida that he was sorry for criticizing their religion as this was all a misunderstanding, he sympathize on behalf of his death. By then, riots had stated outside the court due to the custody was given to Maria’s real parents and she was converted to Christian that made the Muslims angry and raged like fire. Hong was later capture by the police for being the accomplice of Razif. Lesson learned that we should think twice before saying anything about other person’s religion and we should respect it.